Alexa Smart Lighting: How to Create Routines for Auto-Off Lights on Inactivity

Everyone knows the feeling: you leave the house only to realize too late that the lights are still on. Not only does this result in unnecessary energy consumption, but it also leads to needless costs on your electricity bill. Fortunately, modern smart home technology offers solutions for such everyday problems. With Amazon’s Alexa, you can not only make your home intelligent but also energy-efficient. This post will show you how to set up an Alexa routine to automatically turn off lights after a period of inactivity.


Insight into Alexa’s Presence and Absence Routines

With Alexa, it’s possible to create routines based on the detection of presence and absence. Using specific Echo devices, Alexa can detect movements and automate actions, such as turning lights or music on or off, depending on whether someone is present or absent.

Step-by-Step Guide: Light Management with Alexa

Preparing Echo Devices:

    • Check if you have a compatible Echo device, such as Echo Show 10 or Echo (4th Generation).
    • Amazon Echo Dot 5th Generation

Creating an Absence Routine:

a. Creating Routines:

    • Open the Alexa app and go to “More”, then “Routines”.
      • iOS App
      • Android App
    • Click on the “Plus +” symbol.

b. Defining the Trigger Event:

    • Select “When +” and then “Smart Home“.


    • Choose your Echo device.

c. Defining Actions for Absence:

    • Select “No Person Detection” and click “Continue“.

d. Adding and Saving Actions:

    • Select “Add action” and then “Smart Home”.
    • Choose your defined lamp to turn off the light.
    • Save the routine.

Testing and Optimizing:

a. Running the Routine via Alexa App:

    • Go to “Routines” in your Alexa App.
    • Find the created routine and click on the “Play” symbol to manually execute and test if the light turns off as planned. b. Practical Test:
    • Leave the room and observe whether the light turns off after the set duration of inactivity.
    • Adjust the settings as needed to tailor the routine to your needs

By managing lights intelligently with Alexa, you can avoid unnecessary energy consumption and costs, while also making your daily life a bit more comfortable. The ease of implementation and customizable nature of Alexa routines provide an accessible entry into a smarter and more environmentally conscious home. This way, the lights will never be left on by accident again, saving energy and costs.

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