Simple Smart Home Automation Ideas For You

If you’re looking for some more home automation ideas, then you’re in the right place.  I’ve taken the time to list 85 of the best home automation ideas. To make your life (and mine) easier, I’ve split the list into seven categories. 

Kitchen Home Automation Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of every home. These smart products turn it into a hub of modern technology:

1. Smart Refrigerator:

A connected fridge like the Samsung Family Hub not only cools but also offers a touchscreen to manage your shopping and family appointments.

2. Smart Oven Set:

The Samsung Oven with Home Connect allows you to control your oven from anywhere and transfer recipes directly to the device

3. Automatic Coffee Machine:

With a machine like the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus, you can control your morning coffee via an app and store personalized coffee recipes.

Garden Home Automation Ideas

A smart home doesn’t stop at the front door. These devices turn your garden into an automated paradise:

1. Intelligent Irrigation System:

Systems like the RAINPOINT Smart System automatically adjust watering based on weather and soil moisture.

2. Smart Lighting System:

Philips Hue Outdoor offers a range of weatherproof lights that can be adjusted in color and intensity.

3. Automatic Lawn Mower:

The GARDENA Landroid Mower cuts your lawn independently and can be controlled via your smartphone.

Bathroom Home Automation Ideas

Transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and efficiency with these smart products:

1. Intelligent Shower Head:

With a product like the Moen U Shower Head, you can pre-set your shower temperature and duration.

2. Smart Lighting System:

Intelligent LED strips like those from Yeelight create mood lighting for relaxation or energy.

3. Intelligent Mirror:

A Smart Mirror, not only shows your reflection but also weather updates, news, and more.

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